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I'm Dr. Andrea Wadley

After finishing my pediatric residency, I started an amazing job where I cared exclusively for new babies during their newborn hospital stay. Among many other important care that I provided for newborns, I assisted new mothers to initiate breastfeeding.

It wasn't until I had my own child several years later, that I learned that breastfeeding was not as easy as it looked. I had not done anything to prepare in advance and found out how woefully inadequate my medical training was when it came to breastfeeding. 

After struggling to breastfeed my own child, I went on to learn more about breastfeeding. I studied, obtained many clinical hours and then took a comprehensive test over lactation topics. Once I passed that test, I was officially an internationally board certified lactation consultant.

Eliminate Confusion

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Nothing makes you more confident than knowing what to expect.

Invest In Your Breastfeeding Journey

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My Story


But I didn't just stop there. After I left my newborn hospital job, I opened my own house calls only pediatric and lactation practice. As I was caring for kids, helping moms to navigate early motherhood and learn how to breastfeed, I realized that there were still holes in my knowledge about breastfeeding. After I realized this, I took comprehensive breastfeeding courses that were all about the science and medicine behind breastfeeding.

Equipped with this knowledge, I consult with mothers in my local community and teach them to breastfeed, overcome the problems that they are having and breastfeed their babies with confidence. 

For more than 10 years, I have helped mothers along all parts of their breastfeeding journey. I have helped them in the early days as a brand new baby, several months in as they encounter new problems or at the end of their breastfeeding journey.

I have supported mothers through low milk supply, oversupply, and many other problems along the way. 

"Dr. Wadley helped me to find the confidence that I needed to breastfeed"

- Mary

"Everyone was telling me to do something different, but I listened to Dr. Wadley. And now, I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby like I wanted."

- Martha

"When I was first learning to breastfeed, I had all of these doubts. Like is my baby getting enough milk? Dr. Wadley was just a message away and helped me to have confidence."

- Brittany

Why I Do It


Breastfeeding is such a personal journey. There are so many people shouting at you about what the right thing is. I want women to be equipped with knowledge so that they can make confident decisions about their own lives. So if you are tired of hearing, "fed is best, you should never breastfeed" or "breastfeeding is the end all and be all of motherhood." Join me and allow me to show you what to expect, figure out if it is right for you and know that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Show up like the boss that you are. 


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