Welcome to Your Breastfeeding Journey - Customize Your Care with My Breastfeeding Plan Checklist

Are you ready to embark on your nurturing journey with your newborn? At this pivotal moment, we understand the significance of your choices in supporting your baby's health and well-being. My Breastfeeding Plan empowers you to outline your preferences, ensuring a tailored and supportive experience for you and your little one.

Your Choices, Your Care

The My Breastfeeding Plan is your personalized guide to communicate your preferences and desires for the care of you and your baby. Emphasizing your wishes on various aspects of breastfeeding, this checklist helps the healthcare team understand and respect your choices.

Your Priorities Matter

Here's a glimpse of the key components within the checklist:

  1. Straightforward language to communicate your desire to exclusively breastfeed
  2. What you want to do about formula, pacifiers and medical interventions
  3. Advocate for breastfeeding support

Respecting Your Choices

We understand that certain circumstances may require exceptions. The checklist accommodates these exceptions, allowing you to make informed decisions even in specific medical procedures, ensuring your preferences are acknowledged and respected.

Your Next Step

Fill out My Breastfeeding Plan to communicate your preferences effectively to your healthcare team. Start your breastfeeding journey with the support and care you envision for you and your baby.


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Your choices matter. Your journey matters. Let's make it happen together.

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